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Steelers and Ravens Set to Put the Gloves Back with 1st Place in the AFC North at Stake: BTSC Week 13 Gameday Open Thread

I'm about set to take off to go watch the game with a BTSC reader. I'm sure you all have your game plans in order and are counting down the final hour or so until the Steelers and Ravens kick off their Week 13 matchup on Sunday Night Football. You can count on a rowdy, raucous crowd in Baltimore tonight, so it will be interesting to see how the Steelers' offensive line holds up under adverse circumstances. While on the radio in Baltimore this week, I was told the Ravens would be handing out purple towels to everybody at the gates. Lame. Gross. And hopefully the Football Gods will punish them accordingly.

Enjoy the game everybody, and I'll check in at halftime.

Go Steelers!