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BTSC Daily Six Pack - The Steelers Were A Successful Short Yardage Team Edition?

IX- The ESPN North Blog has an interview with Steelers GM Kevin Colbert. Colbert of course doesn't tip his hand on much, but there's a number of interesting topics discussed including his thoughts on last season, how the league's trending towards being more of a pass-oriented league, Troy Polamalu, Big Snack, and others.

X- If you're so inclined, go vote for our blog in Sean Rambling's Second Annual Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament. As of a few minutes ago, BTSC was trailing the very informative and popular Penn State Blog, Black Shoe Diaries. As acceptable as it would be to lose to BSD - an SBN blog as well - we can't let a PSU blog advance in the Pittsburgh tournament can we?

XIII - I'll be joining Ken Laird on his Stillers 365 Podcast later this evening. You can check out the audio home page of 1250 ESPN Pittsburgh here for a complete listing of their shows and links to interviews, including Laird's consistently good podcast. (Hope I don't bring down the quality tonight!)

XIV- This is a bit dated, but an interesting nugget I found (hat tip: Ken Laird from his recent podcast) about the Steelers tendencies in 'power situations'...i.e. 3rd or 4th and short (1-2 yards). Teams ran the ball 63% of the time around the league in such situations. The Steelers? 66% of the time. Not only did the Steelers actually pound the rock in those situations more often than their opponents around the league, they were also better than average at converting. The Steelers had a 72% power success rate, which by my count was the 5th best mark in the league.

XL - Not sure if somebody has already provided something like this for the group, but you can find a complete list of free agents by position right here. I'll let you peruse for yourself and make your own judgments, but one thing that jumped out at me was the shoddy list of available free agent running backs.

XLIII  - To conclude, here's today's chat transcript with Ed Bouchette at the PG.  Topics covered: Polamalu moving out to So. Cal to train again this summer, Hampton, FWP, et al.