My Mock Draft Part 2

Before I publish my next set of draft picks for rounds 4 and 5, I want to state for the record that I am not disrespecting the fine-looking gentlemen that play for the Steelers. It's just that some of them improve when they take off their helmets, and others - well, I won't state the obvious. Nor am I pooh-poohing the fine work done by the Front Office. Take last season's #1 draft pick, for instance. Ziggy is just as cute as can be, and is beginning to make a substantial contribution in footbally stuff as well. But what we have to remember is that while one can draft with an eye to developing football potential, the sort of intangibles I'm looking for pretty much have to be there already. Remember, I'm looking for guys that can contribute from day 1.

And without further ado, here are my next picks:

Round 4a: OLB Dekoda Watson



Watson is a bit undersized at 6-2 and 232 lbs., but commentators say that he plays with heart way beyond his size. This is a guy who could make an immediate impact on the sidelines, and possibly in the game as well! Showing on NFLDraftScout at 111.

4b: TE Dennis Pitta



The NCAA record holder for receiving yards by a tight end with 2856 career yards, Pitta has the fresh-faced good looks to complement our own blue-eyed bombshell Heath Miller. According to Fantasy Football News, "Pitta may not be the biggest, or strongest tight end in the 2010 NFL Draft – but he might have the best hands out of the bunch." Currently at 136.

Round 5a: FB Rashawn Jackson



I know, we don't use fullbacks. But don't forget that since the One On High (Art Jr.) has declared that we are going to get back to a running game, we may find that we could use one. And this gentleman looks good both with hair and without, which is another of those intangibles that you have to take into account. Although he is positioned at #154 currently, he is the #1 fullback in the draft.

Well, that's all for today. Enjoy.

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