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Final 2010 NFL Franchise Tag Offers

The following is the final amounts per position for free agents slapped with the 'franchise' tag for the 2010 season. There were no players designated as 'transition' players. As we all know from what happened with Max Starks last year, it's still very possible that teams will work out longer term deals with the players they've used the tag on. Will that be the case with Steelers kicker Jeff Reed? I'd imagine so, but who knows, I'm not extraordinarily well versed in the history of place kickers getting 'franchised' (if there even is a history).

Stay tuned on that front. For now, I just wanted to provide a consolidated overview of all the franchise and transition amounts, and the players that were franchised prior to the February 25th deadline.

TransitionTag Offers


Position Minimum Offer
Quarterback $ 14,546,000
Running Back $ 7,151,000
Wide Receiver $ 8,651,000
Tight End $ 5,248,000
Offensive Lineman $ 9,142,000
Defensive End $ 10,193,000
Defensive Tackle $ 6,353,000
Linebacker $ 8,373,000
Cornerback $ 8,056,000
Safety $ 6,011,000
Kicker/Punter $2,629,000


FranchiseTag Offers

Position Minimum Offer
Quarterback $ 16,405,000
Running Back $ 8,156,000
Wide Receiver $ 9,521,000
Tight End $ 5,908,000
Offensive Lineman $ 10,731,000
Defensive End $ 12,398,000
Defensive Tackle $ 7,003,000
Linebacker $ 9,680,000
Cornerback $ 9,566,000
Safety $ 6,455,000
Kicker/Punter $2,814,000

2010 Franchise Players

Club Player Position
Pittsburgh Jeff Reed K
Green Bay Ryan Pickett DT
New England Vince Wilfork DT
Oakland Richard Seymour DE
San Francisco Aubrayo Franklin DT
Seattle Olindo Mare K