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Key 2010 NFL Offseason Dates

More commentary to come about the tremendous news from this weekend - Dick LeBeau's induction in to the Hall of Fame. For now, a quick run down of the key offseason dates in the 2010 NFL offseason now that the 2009 season is officially in the books. Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints for winning Super Bowl XLIV. After falling down 10-0 early, the Saints raced past the Colts for a 31-17 victory. The win marked New Orleans' first ever SB title. I was of course thrilled to see Drew Brees play so well. I knew he had it in him to be one of the best in the game when he left Purdue. He sure validated his status as one of the game's best this evening. Now that New Orleans has one, let's get back to accumulating more Lombardis back in Pittsburgh!

To the dates.

February 8th: Waiver system begins for 2010 season

February 11th: First day clubs can designate franchise or transition players

February 24th - March 2nd: NFL Scouting Combine (Indianapolis)

February 25th: Deadline for clubs to designate franchise or transition players

March 5th: Start of Free Agency

March 15th - Offseason workouts can commence

March 21st-24th: NFL Annual Meeting

April 22nd-24th: 2010 NFL Draft (ridiculous that it's 3 days!)

May 24th-26th: NFL Spring Meeting

Late July: Steelers Training Camp.