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BTSC Daily Six Pack - My Left Foote Edition

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IX- BleacherReport cracks me up with some of their articles. I found one today that I specifically enjoyed, "Homme Sweet Homme: Top 10 Teams Who Should Consider Jake Delhomme." Coming in at #5 (you have to scroll over to get there) is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here is what writer, Ryan Cook, had to say:

With Big Ben's future still in limbo, and backup Dennis Dixon not looking reliable, safety comes first for the Pittsburgh Steelers...Jake would have more than the odd opportunity to fill in.

The thing that really P.O.'s me most about this quote is the shot Cook takes at Dixon. Right off the bat it is evident he does not watch much Steelers football and/or knows nothing about Dixon. Dixon has only played one game and surpassed everyone's expectations in a road game against our biggest rival, the Baltimore Ravens. Secondly, Delhomme was awful last year and has never really impressed me in a full season's worth of work. I'll pass.

X- Don't forget to check out Blitz's article on The Washington Post's The League when it goes up. That is truly a great honor for our leader. Congrats Michael, keep up the great work!


XIII- As soon as I heard that Larry Foote was taking a visit to Pittsburgh West, I knew that he would probably end up there. After his visit, Larry has come out and said, "I want to be a Cardinal." Apparently, he does not read sports news. His biggest reason for wanting to go to the Cardinals is that he "wants to be with a winner again." I hate to tell you Larry, but the Cardinals are on the decline. For one, Kurt Warner retired and Matt Leinart will not be able to fill his shoes (they were even shopping for a QB outside of Leinart). They lost Anquan Boldin to the Baltimore Ravens. Their Pro Bowl safety Antrel Rolle left for New York. And lastly, their best defensive player, LB Karlos Dansby, left for the Miami beaches. That is one of the worst FA periods I have seen in recent years. Why won't you just come home where we really know how to play a 3-4?

XIV- I would eat a towel for this:

XL- Is it just me or do the Cleveland Browns go through more QBs than babies go through diapers? They recently added ex Seattle Seahawks QB Seneca Wallace to their team. However, it might be time for another diaper change again as the Browns are looking to possibly deal Brady Quinn and bring in Jake Delhomme. All three QBs have had, at best, average careers. It does not look like the Browns will be coming out of the basement very soon. If I was them, I would try to make a deal with Eagles to pluck one of their 3 QBs, who are all better than Wallace, Quinn, and Delhomme. And that is saying a lot, considering I am one of Michael Vick 's biggest haters.

XLIII- I've never done a poll and I have always wanted toe check it out. After reading Blitz's ramblings on the Ben scandal, I thought of a good idea for a poll.