Christmas is over.

The Steelers have shifted their focus from FA signings to preparing for the Draft according to Kevin Colbert as quoted here.

No visits by other free agents are planned and unless another player pops loose or some other circumstance warrants it, the Steelers' signings may have ended with Foote.

I for one am happy about the teams decision to using free agency to improve and add depth, although I've always had faith they would use the draft better than anyone to do this. It's a change of pace and they appear to be able to focus on some other needs they may have not been able to in the draft if they had taken their usual approach. With a successful draft they will stay competitive and be able to hopefully make a run at #7 - Superbowls that is.

Speaking of #7, Ben was absent during the first day of team workouts as mentioned in the notes of the same article. Although they aren't OTA's or required, maybe Ben would be well suited to spend his time in the Gym with his team and less time at Bubba's BBQ or wherever his favorite weight gain spot is. I'm less and less of a fan of Roethlesberger's at this point and any thing he could do to show his commitment to this team would be a big step in the right direction right now.

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