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BTSC Daily Six Pack - Aloha Kemoeatu Edition

IX- Would you like to spend a day in the shoes of Chris Kemoeatu?  Well, the Pittsburgh CW and are giving you that chance this Saturday at 11PM.  Yeah, that is late on a Saturday, so just DVR it, unless you are a caveman (Kemo kind of looks like one or like a Hawaiin Kimbo Slice) and you do not have one, you can tape it.  Anyway, it looks pretty awesome because he lives in Hawaii and there are attractive hula dancers oceans and stuff.

X- Unfortunately, CB Joe Haden of the Florida Gators might have slipped out of our grasps.  Haden is seen as one of the best corners in the draft, but his stock slipped a bit after he ran a 4.6 second 40-yard dash in the NFL combine.  However, he came out in his pro day and ran a blazing 4.41 to impress the scouts and raise himself up in the stocks, possibly as the best CB in this year's draft.


XIII- It's all quiet on the "western front", or at least it seems that way with free agent Willie Parker.  At this point, I believe it is quite clear that Parker is not going to be anyone's starter next year.  And that has to have dawned on him, because yesterday he visited the St. Louis Rams ("Parker & More Visit"), home of one of the best running backs in the league, Steven Jackson.  In any event, I bring this up because I do not understand how Parker fails to realize he has that here in Pittsburgh, for a much better team.  Moreover, fans of Pittsburgh would be a lot more forgiving of Parker's faults because of what he has given the Steelers in the past.  He does not have that luxury in St. Louis.  I am curious if Tomlin & Co. are even looking in his direction at this point.  Lastly, does anyone else think that Kevin Colbert coming out and making that statement the other day was a check mate in the chess game with Parker?


XIV- What is better than having one tight end in your offensive set?  How about 2? 3?  Maybe not, but Bruce Arians sure enjoys his multiple tight end sets.  Here is a list he might enjoy very much, a list of the top 10 TE prospects in the draft.  Seriously though, take a look at some of the lower prospects.  The Steelers might try to grab a TE in the later rounds or with one of their compensatory picks since Matt Spaeth has not exactly been stellar.  Or you can look at this terrible list, that somehow has Timothy Tebow ranked as the 4th overall QB in the draft.  How can you be 4th overall when he is #1 in everyone's  hearts?

XL- This bit of news really bugs me.  The Georgia police involved in the Ben Roethlisberger sexual assault case are trying to interview the Nevada accuser, Andrea McNulty.  What?  I understand the overlap in the accusations, but how can either case be used against him in the separate case?  Presumably, Roethlisberger is innocent until proven guilty, therefore I do not see how you can use information from an accusation against him.  That sounds like a reach to me if either case is dependent on that information.  What do you think?


XLIII- Calling all mock drafters!  Mile High Report (MHR), the Broncos SBN blog, is doing a massive mock draft with representatives from each NFL team.  The Steelers need a good rep, and if no one else signs up I will be forced to do so and trade all of our picks to acquire Tim Tebow as the 1st overall pick of the draft.  If you do not want that to happen you better hurry up and take the position.