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BTSC Daily Six Pack - No Thanks, We're All Set Edition

IX- Hopefully, this settles your stomach to some extent.  According to the National Football Post, who has quoted Kevin Colbert, the Steelers are not planning on drafting a QB.  "The position appears to be set".  A brief sentence that can have so many interpretations.  My take, is that the Steelers will have Ben for this year, Dixon, and most likely resign Batch to a one year deal.  That keeps us "set" for this year, but pending legal issues with Ben the situation might possibly become "unset" for 2011.

X- According to the Tribune we will find out what compensatory picks we will be receiving for losing 2009 FAs Bryant McFadden, Nate Washington, and Byron Leftwich on Tuesday.  There are a ton of people that try to guess what the picks will be, but I believe the best have no higher than a 65% accuracy.  I have seen two or three picks and I have seen them range from the 4th to 7th round.  I will just say I hope it is three and I hope one is in the 4th.


XIII- Niners Nation, a fellow SBN blog for the 49ers, had an interesting post recently.  A writer there, wrote an article that analyzed the best 2nd round picks for each year since 1999.  Two Pittsburgh draft picks made the list, Marvel Smith of 2000 and LaMarr Woodley of 2007.  Other names on the list include (in order excluding the two Steelers) are Dre' Bly, Drew Brees, Clinton Portis, Anquan Boldin, Bob Sanders, Lofa Tatupu, Maurice Jones-Drew, Desean Jackason, and Jarius Byrd.  At the end of the post they have a poll and not surprisingly Brees is out ahead with 78% and Desean Jackson the second closest with 6%.  Now, I agree Brees is the best, but we need to get out there and give some votes to Woodley!


XIV- 97.3 the Fan recently did an interview with Robopunter, Daniel Sepulveda.  They go through a few topics including his thoughts on his development since his rookie year, the mechanics of punting, the Ben Roethlisberger situation, and much more.  I tried to embed the file but I failed.  It is definitely worth a listen though, especially if you are training to become an NFL punter.  Also, does anyone think there is a bit of animosity in his voice when he discusses Ben?  I am probably just thinking way too far into it.  Keep booting the poop out of the ball Daniel.

XL- Lots of names have been visiting the Steelers.  Two of the most prominent that I heard were G Mike Iupati of Idaho and RB Legarette Blount of Oregon.  Both of these guys were very good college players and could look good in black and gold.  Blount would also be a good addition if the Steelers got in a street brawl.

XLIII- So the first weekend and the first two rounds of the tournament are done.  The BTSC March Madness brackets are getting hot.  I have decided that the winner will get a prize.  The prize will be one high five or bro fist from myself.  Here are the current standings:

1) Lets Go Mountaineers 45 pts
2) Chunk of Vaseline 44 pts
3) Steel Swishing It 43 pts
4) 25 & Done 43 pts
5) Black and Gold Domination 43 pts