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BTSC 2010 Community Mock Draft: Part 1, Pick A Team!

For those of you who were around the site last year, you surely remember the Mock Draft that we conducted ourselves here on Behind The Steel Curtain.

Here's how it goes basically - I list the draft order of the 1st round of the 2010 NFL Draft. You pick a team by leaving a comment below about who you'd like. I don't mind if there's some new commenters who sign on to participate, but I do reserve the right to not allow somebody to select a team if it looks like they've just signed up for the site 5 minutes ago. Other than that, it will just be a first come, first served type deal based on who leaves their comment first.

I will be drafting for the Steelers so there's 31 teams available to choose from. After all the teams have been snatched up, we'll begin the process of each writing a few paragraphs about our draft selection when your team is 'on the clock.' Like last year, you can email me the posts, I'll format them and post them with a mention of who the credit belongs to for the selection. And regardless of whether we're on or off the mark with our picks, it's a fun way to divvy up some of the writing here, while learning about some of the other teams in the league and some of the soon-to-be newcomers in the National Football League.

One final but important note. Two actually. Firstly, please don't participate unless you think you'll be able to get your pick in within 24-36 hours of being on the clock. These things usually take a few weeks to complete, so if you know that you have a hellish couple of weeks coming up at work or school, do the group a favor and don't sign on to participate if you think you'll have to back out. It just makes life a lot more difficult when people have to renege on their commitment. It's not the end of the world if something comes up of course, but try to find the short block of time necessary to do a solid writeup if you think you'd like to be part of the event.

Finally, please take a look at who has been selected in the comments section before claiming a team yourself in the comments section. I know an error or two might be made by us while selecting our teams, and I'll do my best to cross off the teams that have already been selected, but I may not be available to do so until mid-morning. So try to keep things as non-confusing as possible by looking at what others have selected first. To help in this regard, try not to hijack this comments section with too much outside of team selections. Thanks!

Without further ado:


  1. St. Louis Rams - ncoolong
  2. Detroit Lions - MAN_OF_STEEL_86
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - seanachie
  4. Washington Redskins - FattyBoombastic
  5. Kansas City Chiefs - il_steeler_fan
  6. Seattle Seahawks - NYSteelerFan4
  7. Cleveland Browns - tannofsteel84
  8. Oakland Raiders - carolinaeasy
  9. Buffalo Bills - mojo88
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars - nlevine34
  11. Denver Broncos (from Chicago) - TheRebelMonk
  12. Miami Dolphins - DwightWhite's Missing Tooth
  13. San Francisco 49ers - _.58._
  14. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver) - See 6
  15. New York Giants - EnglishSteelerGotBanned
  16. Tennessee Titans - LuckyDom
  17. San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina) - See 13
  18. Pittsburgh Steelers (Michael Bean)
  19. Atlanta Falcons - BluegrassSteeler
  20. Houston Texans - sctx109
  21. Cincinnati Bengals - WillieSlizzick
  22. New England Patriots - JonnyNYC
  23. Green Bay Packers - cliff harris is still a punk!
  24. Philadelphia Eagles - Ironpete0827
  25. Baltimore Ravens - Johnny_S
  26. Arizona Cardinals - Steel in FL
  27. Dallas Cowboys - TheAngelsColts
  28. San Diego Chargers - Justin Azevedo
  29. New York Jets - BlackandGold
  30. Minnesota Vikings - Chicago Steeler
  31. Indianapolis Colts - barnerburner
  32. New Orleans Saints - hasay

I slotted in the names (Johnny_S), subject to change by Blitz.