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Georgia Bureau of Investigation Report Brings To Light Another Claim

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It's cliche to suggest the Steelers' brass are waiting to see if there is a final nail to QB Ben Roethlisberger's coffin.

If the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's report of another incident involving Roethlisberger is further investigated by the league or the Steelers, it could mean ramped up efforts to part ways with the team's marquee player.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Friday morning that a separate allegation of sexual misconduct by Roethlisberger exists, but the alleged victim's father advised her not to press charges.

According to the documents obtained by the AJC through Georgia's open records laws, the allegation stated Roethlisberger dropped his pants and told the woman she "could do whatever she wants."

The report further states Roethlisberger invited her to a party at his house a week later, where he allegedly put his hand up her skirt. The victim fled the house after that.

On one hand, the fact this information came out in the report may simply be the whole ordeal is running its course. Odds are, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell asked Ben and his lawyers if the allegation of sexual assault at the Milledgeville night club was the only act of impropriety he should be aware of. Perhaps both Goodell and Art Rooney II know of this allegation already.

If not?

It's difficult to suggest any other nail-in-coffin, or straw breaking the camel's back cliche is appropriate, but for Ben's sake, let's hope he was at least up front about it with his boss and the commissioner. He's already facing a suspension, but further evidence of this deviant behavior going public is likely to lengthen that, possibly for a year.

Goodell has taken a hard stance on repeat offenses, and this allegation, coupled with the two others, seems to fit in line with a harder stance than just two games.

While former Steelers WR Santonio Holmes' trade market disinegrated due to the fact he'll be out at least a quarter of the 2010 season, and he's a free agent after that, Roethlisberger's trade value would fall through the floor. He's due in exess of $90 million on his contract, and the negative attention (to put it mildly) he's receiving make it difficult for even a QB-starved franchise to give up much for him.

That would essentially cement Roethlisberger where he is, but the message the Steelers would be sending changes the entire franchise: Ben isn't on the roster because we want him, it's because we can't get rid of him.