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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack: LaMarr Woodley's (Not-So-Certain) Contract Edition

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IX-Most Steeler fans expected LaMarr Woodley to be locked up for the long-term before the start of the 2010 season since he is entering the final year of his contract and would surely command big bucks and generate a high demand on the open market.  Woodley has created the impression that he is eager to stay in black and gold, but a recent article from's Ian Whetstone, details why it isn't as simple as it would've been had there been a collective bargaining agreement in place.  The article gives a rather bleak view of the Steelers and Woodley being able to negotiate a contract and quite frankly makes me pretty nervous.

X-It may not be the best time if you've ever played Quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Big Ben has had his multitude of legal troubles as we all know, and now Mike Tomczak has been charged with two counts of simple assault for lunging at his wife and stepping on her foot.  Bubby Brister, Mark Malone, Jim MillerTodd Blackledge, and Kent Graham could not be reached for comment.

XIII-Ryan Clark almost signed a contract with the Miami Dolphins this off-season but instead he made a quick return back to Miami after visiting with the "phins."  Michael Silver seems to think it might have been the atmosphere and personalities of some of the Miami staff after he heard a report that Dolphins G.M., Jeff Ireland asked prospect Dez Bryant whether his mother was a prostitute during a pre-draft visit.  Can you believe that?  I think Bryant would of went ahead and pulled a John Elway if he was drafted by Miami and who would blame him.

XIV-Last week before Jonathan Dwyer went from possibly being taken in the second round to free-falling all the way to the middle of the sixth round and into the Pittsburgh Steelers laps, the Atlanta Journal Constitution compared the concerns with his failed drug test to concerns that Chuck Noll had about Dan Marino during the 83' draft process.   Looking back even just  a few months back prior to the combine Dwyer was ranked as possibly the second best tailback entering the 2010 NFL draft.  The Steelers may have just got themselves a perfect compliment to Rashard Mendenhall on the cheap, especially if he is given a year to grow.  I have seen at least a few say he could out-right steal the job from Mendenhall, but I think Rashard's blocking, catching out of the backfield, and excellent running vision will make Mendenhall a Pro-Bowler this season. 

XL-The ESPN report that I wrote about yesterday is still lingering in the blogospheres as well as talk radio. Former Steeler coach Bill Cowher went on Boomer Esiason's radion shown on WFAN in New York they other day to address the Big Ben situation.  SportsRadioInterviews transcribed the key topics from the conversation, and while I appreciate Bill Cowher's opinion as much as the next guy he really said a whole lot of nothing in his interview that added to the debate on his situation. 

XLIII-Not that it is any surprise at this point but it appears the the Raiders are in the process of formally releasing draft bust JaMarcus Russell.  I think Russell will now replace Tim Couch and Ryan Leaf for the poster children of horrible draft decisions.  Any chance Pittsburgh picks up Russell to bolster our Offensive Line depth?