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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack: Crushing Children's Dreams Edition

IX-Wow, Rodger Goodell can be a real jerk sometimes.  Zach Hatfield, the 15 year old who announced the Steelers first round draft pick at the NFL Draft had one more request for Commissioner Goodell after he announced the Steelers had selected Maurkice Pouncey. Wondering what Hatfield's request was?  He simply asked the commissioner "So, do you think maybe you could unsuspend Ben Roethlisberger?"  The soulless commissioner refused, and is also rumored to have kicked the boys' puppy and canceled the existence of sunshine and rainbows.

X-James Harrison was very excited when the Steelers schedule was released, and not because he gets to play three prime time games back to back where he seems to thrive, but rather because Pittsburgh will be racking up the third least amount of frequent flyer miles in the NFL.  Harrison hates to fly and according to this report by the Pittsburgh Business Journal the Steelers will only be traveling 8,012 miles for games this season, which is the third lowest behind Baltimore and Cincinnati.  The 49'ers will travel the most miles partially because they play at Wembley Stadium in London this year; they will log a whopping 33,264 miles.

XIII-Ken Laird of ESPN's 1250 radio in Pittsburgh has a pretty critical outlook of the first three Steeler draft picks.  He is analyzing the positives and negatives of each player and by the time I read all the negatives he wrote for our top three picks I felt like jumping off a small bridge.  I do agree with him that all three of these players do have some risk involved with them especially Worlids and Sanders but they also have a hell of a lot of upside.  He will do a post on the rest of the picks as well, so it should be interesting to see his take on the rest of the class.

XIV- Has anyone rushed to or their local Dicks Sporting Goods to buy their Maurkice Pouncey jersey?  Probably not but Bronco fan's (or Florida Gator fan's) are coming out in record numbers to support the newest QB added to the Bronco's stable.  Tim Tebow has sold more jersey's than any other rookie in the History of the NFL in his first week in the NFL and he is doing it by record numbers.  What does this mean you ask?  Absolutely nothing.

XL-I almost fell out of my chair laughing today when a major newspaper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, used the following statement on their website to report news: "according a post on"  Anyways, they were reporting the Jonathan Dwyer will wear number 41 with the Steelers.  If you would like to get the rest of the jersey numbers for the rookie class, check out the roster on  Also, in case you hadn't already heard my neighbor's son's cousin reported that Dennis Dixon changed his number to "10," the number he wore in college.

XLIII-Yinz Luv da Guins as we await for the next round: