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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack: Here We Go Again Edition

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IX-According to Jim Wexell Byron Leftwich is opening mini-camp today as the #1 QB on the depth chart, and Bryant McFadden is opening up as the starting left cornerback.  I sincerely hope that Dennis Dixon is able to beat out Byron Leftwich for the starting role in weeks one through four.  Dixon was impressive and so entertaining to watch during the Baltimore game last season and I think he deserves to get another chance to prove he can win in Pittsburgh.  Perhaps this is another example of Mike Tomlin pushing players to get better by making Dixon prove he can win the starting job.  I hope so.

X-Some more good news has emerged from Steeler nation with Troy Polamalu returning to action in Mini-Camps today and from all account he is looking healthy and excited to be back in action.  In speaking with the media Polamalu had this to say about his return: 

"It's just timing, rhythm and getting the right read and reaction with the eyes and coordinating with the body,I think it would probably be easier to lose if the defense were to change quite a bit. But when you feel comfortable within the system, it still takes time, but it wouldn't take me as much time."

XIII-More trouble for former Steeler Santonio Holmes who was recently escorted off a flight at the Pittsburgh International airport last night.  What a dumb-ass.

XIV-Those of you who followed the draft process closely are probably aware of Tony Washington the 6'6 300 plus pound tackle from Abilene Christian.  Washington had great measurables, so much so that many said his tape and measurables made him the sixth best tackle in the draft.   Unfortunately for Washington's draft status, when he was 16 he had sex with his 15 year old biological sister, spent two weeks in jail, five year of probation, and was forced to register in the state of Texas as a sex-offender.  The last rounds of the draft came and went without Washington's name being called and as of today nobody has even taken a flyer on him as an undrafted free agent.  While I am surprised no team has taken a chance on him I can't even imagine the ribbing he would take in a locker-room full of 20 something males.

XL-Once the NFL draft is over and mini-camps start up more information and more substantial articles start coming out on the newest Pittsburgh SteelersThe Post Gazette has a nice write-up on second round pick Jason Worilds and how the Steelers ended up selecting Worilds over local product Sean Lee.  Jason ended up changing his last name from Adjepong (his father's legal name) to Worilds in honor of his mother, who he took to prom.  The Tribune Review has an equally nice write up on sixth round pick Jonathan Dwyer.

XLIII-I heard this joke today and thought it was worth passing on:  A guy walks into a bar and orders an Ovechkin. The bartender gives him a white Russian without the cup!  LET'S GO PENS!!!!  Game one tonight, check out our friends at Pensburgh for coverage.