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BTSC 2010 Community Mock Draft - Pick #7 by the Cleveland Browns: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

Fantastic stuff here from tannofsteel84 with the Cleveland Browns' pick at #7. Due to us giving the 'Skins a mulligan at #5, Jimmy Clausen was available once more for a team looking to upgrade their long-term health at the quarterback position. The Browns certainly would qualify. Nice research and writeup from one of BTSC's longtime stalwarts. Next up? The hapless Raiders, represented by carolinaeasy. - Michael Bean (Blitz) -



Cleveland Browns' Recent 1st Round Draft Picks
Draft Order
Player Selected Position College
#1 Tim Couch QB Kentucky
#1 Courtney Brown DE Penn State
2001 #3 Gerrard Warren DT Florida
2002 #16 William Green RB Boston College
2003 #21 Jeff Faine C Notre Dame
2004 #6 Kellen Winslow Jr. TE Miami (Florida)
2005 #3 Braylon Edwards WR Michigan
2006 #13 Kamerion Wimbley LB Florida State
2007 #3 Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
2007 #22 Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
NO PICK ------ ------ ------
2009 #21 Alex Mack C California

This tells the story right here. The answer to the question, why has the Cleveland Browns been so bad since they have returned to the NFL? Look at these first round picks. There are actually some decent ones but only three, Joe Thomas, Alex Mack, and Kamerion Wimbley are still with the team. This is a recipe for disaster. They have only drafted outside the top 20 two and last year they traded down to get there. So in mocking this pick there is a crucial question I had to ask myself. Who will be pulling the trigger on draft day. Eric 'I'm not as smart as originally perceived' Mangini or Mike ' I'm still bitter about Super Bowl XL' Holmgren. I think it safe to say that Eric has taken the stance he is willing to do anything to keep his job. When you are rumored to be on the chopping block after one year on the job and your team actually finished strong (whether those rumors were valid or not) you don't have much leveraged to dictate who the team will draft. Plus there are no trades in this mock. :) The hiring of Holmgren is a clear sign in a change of mentality for the Browns.

Although I wouldn't be surprised to see them try to trade down this year again. I thought it would be appropriate to look at how Holmgren drafted with the Seahawks.

Seattle Seahawks' 1st Round Draft Picks Under Holmgren
Draft Order
Player Selected Position College
#22 Lamar King
DE Saginaw Valley State
#19 Shaun Alexander
RB Alabama
2000 #22 Chris McIntosh
OT Wisconsin
2001 #9 Koren Robinson
WR Florida State
2001 #17 Steve Hutchison
G Michigan
2002 #28 Jerramy Stevens
TE Washington
2003 #11 Marcus Trufant
CB Washington State
2004 #23 Marcus Tubbs
DT Texas
2005 #26 Chris Spencer
C Ole Miss
2006 #31 Kelly Jennings
CB Miami (Florida)
NO PICK ------ ------ ------
2008 #28 Lawrence Jackson
DE Southern Cal

As you can see here Holmgren has had much better success in the draft. At least five are still on the team and players like Shaun Alexander and Steve Hutchinson have had many pro bowl moments on their careers. The Browns need help every where. What I think is interesting is that Holmgren seems to like the Cornerback position as he has drafted two in the first round in his tenure with the Seahawks. So this pick should be easy right?

With the #7 pick, the Cleveland Browns select Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame


Not exactly. While Joe Haden is a fine prospect. The browns have nothing at QB. Jake 'INT' Delhomme is not a long term solution, and Seneca Wallace is not a long term solution. Seneca will be 30 this year and has never been more than a back up QB his entire career. I know he is Holmgren's boy but I doubt Holmgren is delusional enough to believe he can leave this position as it is. Jimmy Clausen has a good arm and has all the measurables you could want in a QB prospect. You may say that the Browns would be hesitant to pick another Notre Dame-Charlie Weis production. But I believe that Holmgren is pompous enough to think he can make whine out of water. He has produced two Super Bowl caliber QBs for two different franchises, why not a third? Anything that Holmgren may have said prior to the draft is not to be trusted. We all know the jockeying that goes on before a draft. Also the QB position is infinity times more important than cornerback (See Oakland Raiders). So with the 7th pick of the 2010 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns select Jimmy Clausen from Notre Dame.