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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack: Heinz Field Break-In Edition

Please pardon my lack of activity the last few days and I have been starting back into graduate school along with getting back into the swing of things around here and had to make sure I was getting some of my school work done.  Thanks a lot to those of you who have kept the site running with some excellent fan-posts including WyoFan's "un-official Six-Pack" and the newly married (congrats by the way) tannofsteel84's "Rapid Reports Honeymoon Edition." Keep up the great work as we truck on through the slow part of the off-season. [Frank]

X-Three men were charged with criminal trespassing and conspiracy to commit trespassing after two of them entered the stadium by creating a human ladder. According to their story, the three men were trying to "find a wallet that they had left in the stadium in December."  All three of the men were from out of town and the department of homeland security and the F.B.I. were notified about the issue. Scary Stuff.

X-Charlie Batch makes an interesting case for himself to be the Steelers starter in the first few weeks of the year, although I think the chances of him starting are about as good Limas Sweed winning the Comeback Player of the Year award in 2011.  As we get closer and closer to training camp it seems more likely that Byron Leftwitch will be at least pegged as the number one QB going into the first four games unless Dixon can show him up.  In Ed Bouchette's blog on the "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Plus" site he even is starting to jump on the band-wagon of supporters who for the past three years have been calling for Charlie Batch to join the ranks of Steelers coaches.


XIII-Ziggy Hood and Daniel Sepulvada are hosting a youth Camp in Mexico, where according to the Tribune Review the Steelers have a strong following.  Lammar Woodley is also hosting his third annual football camp in his home state of Michigan in June.  Woodley will then host a party to commemorate his first ever selection to the pro-bowl on June 12th.

XIV-Chris Stueber of lists the top ten prospects in Steelers organization and while the listing is not particularly surprising, I was confused as to how Frank Summers or Craig Urbik could be listed as a bigger prospect than Jonathan Dweyer.  It's certainly also somewhat troubling that not one defensive back is listed as a prospect, especially when we have used quite a few draft picks in the last two seasons on young DB's.

XL-Ken Laird who everyone loves to call a hack on BTSC is posting as much-depth info on what is currently going on in training camp as any beat writer currently out there.  This update is a little old, but he drops a few nuggets including Issac Redman running with the first team, and rookie Sixth round pick Antonio Brown running with the second team, while third round pick Emmanuel Sanders isn't.  He also mentioned that fifth round CB Crezdon Butler snagged and interception in the endzone they other day.

XLIII-Hines Ward recently conducted an interview with 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh about how he is feeling entering his 13th season in the National Football League.  The guys over at Sports Radio Interviews were kind enough to transcribe a bit of the interview and Hines talks about Santonio and how he tried to mentor him unsuccessful, and he genuinely seems excited by the continued emergence of Mike Wallace this season.