"Unofficial" BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack - For Those Of You Jonesing.

The word "Daily" has become somewhat of an ambiguous term as of late. I'm not knocking anyone. Turns out Franky and Mikey have real jobs and adult lives. Who knew?

Anyway, because they have given so much of themselves to give us this site to read, write, rant, bluster and, at times, bicker, I thought I would try to give them a hand, "Unofficially".

Remember, I'm old and not particularly computer savvy, so I won't have all the bugs and whistles, but, I'll try.


IX - Usually, the site is not very informative (Part of that secrecy thing they do, I guess), but this morning I found three nice articles about players in a row:

Ziggy Hood:

LaMarr Woodley:

And, Larry Foote:

There is an interesting little tid-bit about Dwyer at the end of the Hood piece. Check them out.


X - It appears that Big Ben will not make practice this week - again. Seems Roger-dodger has some kind of other reason for the delay. You can read about it here:

You can thank James Walker for digging that article up for us. He is the hardest working guy on the internet (Besides Mikey and Frankey) these days. He always has fresh content throughout the day. I highly recommend checking him out at fairly regular intervals.

XIII - Speaking of James Walker, remember he has his AFC North chat (Usually) every Tuesday at 4pm Eastern. I recommend you get in there, he is always inundated by questions by those other fans from the division. And you know, Steelers fans should always show up in force. So, don't miss it. Also, Ed Bouchette has his weekly chat on Tuesdays too (Usually).



Just go to these sites and scroll down until you find them. Frank Walker has a link that will take you right to the chat, and it is usually set up early so you can submit questions beforehand. I have never figured out how to submit questions for Ed's.

XIV - Both the Trib and the Gazette have stories on the NFL and the Supreme Court ruling on their anti trust suit, as well as all the national sites. It seems that the NFL is not one big entity, but a collection of smaller entities and that it cannot sign deals for the whole of the NFL when each team could make their own deal. Maybe, just maybe, this will mean better prices for us. NOT! Anyway, if you're one of our lawyerly types, chime in and explain this more clearly. What I want to know is how the lower court could rule so totally in one direction and then the Supreme Court could then rule unanimously in the opposite direction, like the lower court had it's head up it's a**?

XL - So, today we should find out if the Super Bowl is going to be played in a northern, outdoor stadium, i.e. - a severe weather Super Bowl. This has all sorts of implications for the northern outdoor sites. Could we see a Super Bowl in the Burgh by 2020? I suggest we all make a pact here and now that if Pittsburgh is selected for a Super Bowl, we all go as a group. Also, start saving now, it aint going to be cheap!

XLIII - The world has changed. Did you read this: ? I didn't until today. I mean, three men jumping the fence at Heinz field? Who wouldn't want to do that? Get some pictures, roll on the grass, throw a football around, climb the goal post, sit on the sideline benches. We had a post a little while back about the Philly fan who got tased, now we get to comment about stopping these men at gunpoint. Really? Is that where we are in society at this point, is my first reaction. My second reaction is, maybe we are. What do you guys think?


Well that's it. Sorry there were no pictures, but, you know. I hope this helped with your BTSC jones.

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