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Friday Afternoon Open Thread

Sorry y'all. Haven't been able to get to anything the last few days and Frank's getting ready to celebrate his birthday up in New York City (Happy B-Day to him by the way from me and BTSC!).

Anyway, couple topic du jours to just throw out there.

1) We don't usually get into much discussion about the latest and greatest in transgressions from professional athletes, but the story involving ex New York Giants LB Lawrence Taylor has potentially gotten himself into a world of trouble for his alleged sexual involvement with a run away, under aged teenager from the Bronx.

When I read about it, I immediately thought back to an interview that I listened to with Taylor from last summer. Here was one choice clip from the interview: "I don't watch football, I'd rather watch two people ____".



2) Perhaps more on this from me at a later point in time, but in football news, the Cincinnati Bengals recently signed previously banished CB/KR Pacman Jones. I was a big, big fan of their decision to sign Cedric Benson, who I thought was not at all a thug, but just an immature dude with too much money that didn't know how to fall in line inside the Bears locker room when he first got in the league. Jones? Not, so much. I think he comes from a bad place growing up that will forever impact how he interacts with the world and comports himself. Who knows though, he's desperate and people backed into corners have a history of responding positively.

Here's my question though? Why give him a 2-year deal? He hasn't been in football and has done nothing to earn more than a one year roll of the dice on him. No?

3) Anyone got fun plans this weekend?

Back at you later.

Happy Friday.