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Doug Worthington Becomes Second Pittsburgh Steelers Rookie To Sign

Earlier in the day, we learned that fourth round defensive end/outside linebacker Thaddeus Gibson had signed a three-year rookie deal (financials not disclosed). Most recently, seventh round defensive lineman Doug Worthington agreed to a three-year contract that will pay him $1.25 million, but not much up front (reportedly a $33k signing bonus). We can get an idea of Gibson's deal by looking at Worthington's - both are three years, but with Gibson being drafted three rounds higher, he probably got somewhere in the $1.7-$2.0 million range.

I hate to do this often, but I have a 'feeling' that Worthington may pan out quite nicely for a 7th round pick. I say a 'feeling' because I haven't exactly studied hours and hours of tape of him during his solid career at Ohio State. He just looks like he's big, sturdy and durable guy who will be able to handle gap clogging duties very nicely.

Congratulations to Mr. Worthington on the achievement! Not even sure what $33,000 buys you these days, but hell, beats logging hours at a desk. Welcome to the family officially!