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SB Nation Goes Regional: Connect With Pittsburgh Sports Fans At Upcoming Launch Party


For those of you who traverse throughout the expansive and ever-growing network that is SB Nation, you might have encountered some mention of how the company is in the midst of launching a number of regional hub sites. Chicago, Boston, D.C, Detroit, Arizona and New York were rolled out first on June 6th. Pittsburgh's turn is coming soon.

The site won't be live until Monday, so I will refrain from sharing too much about what it will look like and what type of content will be featured on its pages. But you can get a good sense of what we're talking about by checking out the D.C. hub, which is exquisitely well managed and chalk full of diverse content.

In conjunction with the launch of the site, I'm pleased to announce that SB Nation is hosting a meet-up on Monday June 21 at Carson City Saloon on the South Side of Pittsburgh. Regretfully, I won't be in attendance, as I just graduated from graduate school in Seattle as of last Thursday. (More on that too perhaps. I've been in school in digital media communications, meaning you all and this site have been a an important part of my life outside of just the enjoyment I get talking football with y'all).

If you are located in Pittsburgh or anywhere close by, I encourage you to attend, enjoy the drink and food specials being offered by Carson City, and meet and greet fellow Steelers and Pittsburgh sports fans. If you're one of the site's many younger readers, it may even be a good opportunity to meet some folks worth knowing. But there's no need to have an agenda to enjoy yourself next Monday. Sounds like a good time and I'm quite disappointed I won't be there and have the chance to meet some of you all that I've been interacting with for years now.

If you do think you're interested in attending, feel free to ask me any questions and I'll do my very best to answer them in a prompt manner. I know it's somewhat short notice and that we all have busy lives, but who knows, here's to hoping the stars align so that at least a few of you find a way to coordinate meeting up for some brews, grub and a good time next Monday evening.

And finally, it would be helpful if you could you can RSVP here after checking what's on your calendar early next week.


Back to the sites for just one minute...

I won't delve too deep into what the sites are intended to do in terms of serving your needs as sports fans, but I will say this - these regional sites aren't substitutes for what we have all individually and collectively done at SB Nation over the years. That's not to say they don't have the potential to satiate your appetite for interesting, unique, informative content about the teams you love - they most certainly do.

They're just not in any way designed to be anything but supplements to our experience interacting with information and each other here on SB Nation. For a whole lot of you who are nowhere near Pittsburgh, or even anywhere near the United States, this may not matter - but I think it's great that these may also facilitate much more frequent meet ups amongst fans. There's nothing at all frivolous about friendships or acquaintances formed online, but obviously it's nice to follow that up with some beer drinking, stories and laughs in person.

That includes here at BTSC. Charlie Wilmoth, the veteran editor/founder of the Pittsburgh Pirates blogs, Bucs Dugout, will be the editor of the site. I will be contributing Steelers stories here and there throughout the season and calendar year. In a nutshell, these types of 'local' (everything's trending towards local now, no?) are attractive to advertisers to be blunt, but they're also a nice one-stop-shop for those amongst us who happen to be Penguins and Buccos fans in addition to rooting for the Steelers.

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