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BTSC Thursday Open Thread: Bachelor/Bachelorette And Who Signs Next Edition

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And no, I'm not talking about the television show. I'm sure there's a handful of you out there who watch and enjoy The Bachelor and/or its female equivalent, so I'll refrain from unnecessary commentary about you never, ever again thinking I would reference that show on my beloved football site. I know you know me better than that...

Bad joke..But seriously, don't.

I'm talking about your good old run of the mill bachelor party (or in ladies' case, bachelorette). I'm flying down to Austin tomorrow for my brother's. Nothing too crazy from the looks of it, but it's quite a collection of characters to say the least.

I'm 'Little Bean' in this crowd, which back in the day at least meant nothing good for me. Fortunately, I'm the best man in this wedding. That may just protect me from the two or three excessively boisterous Texan types (Austin born, but still) that know no other way than to bust my balls with a twangy cadence that grows more dramatic and deliberate as the night goes on and the intoxication levels rise.

Some of you may be thinking - aren't you supposed to be in charge of this thing? Yes, the best man typically plans these soirees, or so I've heard (only two of my good friends really have gotten married yet). But it made no sense for me to do so thousands of miles away up here in the Pacific Northwest while he and his friends were largely concentrated there in Austin.

Just had a bad epiphany as I wrote that explanation about why I'm just along for the ride, not behind the organization of the weekend:  Even though it makes perfect logical sense, I'm still going to get grief for not 'manning up and taking care of business'  Or something to that effect. A decade later, I'm actually quite looking forward to getting to talk back a little bit as we all have a ball. It's been awhile since we've all been back together in our hometown.

Who knows, maybe a bad topic of discussion for any number of reasons, but let me hear an interesting story from your own, or a friend's bachelor/bachelorette party. I look forward to hopefully reading a few when I touch down tomorrow late afternoon. Details make for good story telling, but I don't need to remind you to keep the actual language in bounds.

In the meantime, keep your collective eyes peeled for the latest Steelers rookie to sign. Been good to see the lion's share of the guys ink their deals - and a hearty congratulations to them on their first professional payday. Now we wait on the team's first and second round picks, Maurkice Pouncey and Jason Worilds. I'm particularly interested to see what kind of deal Worilds gets. Something tells me that one may take a bit longer than Pouncey's. I say that because Worilds wasn't really projected to go as high as he did, so it wouldn't surprise me if the organization doesn't offer him quite what they did for say, a guy like LaMarr Woodley, also a second rounder. But that's just a guess. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter so long as they get signed long enough before camp to get themselves mentally prepared for the mental and physical grind that will be Latrobe this summer. After last year, you can count on it being as tough a camp as even the veterans have seen, let alone the young'ns and rookies. Can't wait!