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Maple Street Press Steelers Annual 2010 Available Now

I'm very pleased to announce that the 2010 edition of the Maple Street Press Pittsburgh Steelers Annual is now available for purchase online and in retail outlets throughout the Western Pennsylvania region, as well as in select places in the Washington D.C. area.  For those of you who may not know, MSP publishes preseason publications devoted to fans' favorite teams. This is a beautiful thing compared to the national preview magazines that only give you a small taste of what you want, and a whole bunch of content you don't care much about.


So, the Steelers annual for example contains 128 pages of nothing but Pittsburgh Steelers material. It is advertisement free and very nicely produced, replete with stunning photographs, stats, and plenty of facts and figures to accompany the 16 articles. And those articles cover both the past, present and future of the storied franchise we all love so much.

Here's a sampling of the publication's contents.

  1. A New 53: Pittsburgh Steelers Position Profiles - by Michael Bean
  2. Know Your Enemy: Steelers 2010 Opponents Preview - by Michael Bean
  3. Déjà Vu All Over Again (2009 season recap) - by Tim Gleason
  4. Just The Numbers (Quantitative look at the 2009 season) - by Larry Acker
  5. Getting The Band Back Together (Welcome back Randle El, B. McFadden, Larry Foote and Byron Leftwich) - by Neal Coolong
  6. Farewell, Fast One (So Long Willie Parker) - by Andrew Friedman
  7. Success In Bunches (The Effectiveness of the Steelers' offense in trips/bunch sets) - by Doug Farrar
  8. So Close, Yet So Far (2009 offensive tendencies of Bruce Arians' play-calling) - by Adrian Atkinson
  9. Setting The Table (2010 Draft review) - by David Banks
  10. Black And Gold 2.0 (Social Media and the NFL) - by Freddy Nager
  11. Men At Work (A look at new O-Line coach Sean Kugler) - by Dale Lolley
  12. Old Pitt Stadium - by Dave Villiotti
  13. The Weaving Of A Legacy (Remembering Myron Cope) - by Mike Silverstein 
  14. A Special Time In Pittsburgh (Interview retrospective on Randy Grossman) - by Ivan Cole
  15. Faded Memories (Forgotten games of the 1960s) - by Dave Villiotti
  16. They're Still My Steelers (Commentary on the rocky offseason of the Steelers) - by Michael Bean

As you can see, there's some great writers, football minds and story tellers that have contributed to this year's publication. Just like last year, the draft review done by Banks was outstanding. Doug Farrar again contributed something very informative that you'll learn something new from, Ivan Cole hit a homerun with his piece on Grossman, the two pieces about the 1960s were quite enjoyable and unique and well worth a read for both older and younger fans. Silverstein's tribute to Myron Cope is truly something special - no surprise coming from Homer J., a longtime newsguy with a ton of contacts and an amazing eye for what matters in a story. 

I could go on - each and every article was a pleasure to edit and work on with the authors, many of whom frequent BTSC. Thank you all. And to those who consider purchasing the publication, thank you as well for your support.

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback. For international readers, email me if you have any trouble ordering a copy and would like to do so. I'll definitely work with you or anyone else who reaches out.


Michael Bean