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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack: Ravens, LeBron, And Some Steelers News Thrown In For Good Measure


IX-Am I the only one who thinks the Raven's back-up QB class behind Joe Flacco is much weaker than most think?   I read an report earlier this offseason after the signing of Marc Bulger that someone ranked them as having the best QB corps. in the game.  Now comes a nasty rumor that the Eagles are interested in Troy Smith.  If the Raven's were to deal Smith to the Eagles, I would be very concerned about the possibility of Marc Bulger leading a playoff ready team if Joe Flacco was to go down to injury.   Sure, Bulger didn't have anything to work with in St. Louis the last few years but I think he is too shell-shocked to be an effective quarterback in this league anymore.

X-Off topic, but where does everyone think LeBron James lands tonight at 9pm?  I guess I am still thinking he is staying with Cleveland, and possibly only signing a three year contract so we can go through this entire marry-go-round again in three more years..  If he breaks up with Cleveland on national television, it would be like breaking up with your high-school sweetheart of five years by gathering your entire high-school for an assembly and then announcing you were leaving your current high school sweetheart for two twins that live in Miami.  Also on a side note, I saw this stunning article from blacksportsonline about the top 25 NBA career salaries of all time.  Seriously?  Chris Weber is in the top five?

XIII-By now everyone has probably had time to digest Gene Collier's scathing review of the Steelers upcoming 2010 season.   He stated that he thinks after the loss of Big Ben at the beginning of the season, Santonio, Sweed, and now Colon that they are only a six win team.  Hopefully you haven't forgotten about SBNations' Pittsburgh Site, because Pete Wilmoth who is a contributor for the site wrote a rebuttal on why everything isn't so doom and gloom in Pittsburgh right now.

XIV-Jerome Bettis is all over the news again today after he made some comments about what he feels it will take for troubled quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to get back on track with the fans of Pittsburgh.  I loved Bettis as a player, but I continue to struggle with post-career media persona.  Sometimes I have thought he does a halfway decent job, but I have never been blown away by him as a journalist.  I just don't think he is best suited to be on T.V. or in print as an analyst.  I could see him fitting in much better in the role of color commentator for CBS or FOX.  I think his bright personality and his football intellect would suit him much better in that role.

XL-Mike Tomlin took over the role of host Big Ben's football camp this season, but his favorite way to give back is to his hometown community in the Hampton Roads area of southern Virginia.  The article from a local paper, PilotOnline, recounts the story from a few years ago when Tomlin was in jeopardy of missing a portion of the camp due to complications with air travel.  What did Tomlin do?  He jumped in his car and drove the seven hours from Pittsburgh.  I live not all that far from that area and knowing what the traffic is like passing the D.C. area and then getting through the Hampton Roads tunnels I would be shocked if he made it in seven hours.  Anyways, it's just another example of how even though Tomlin may have some faults as a football coach it's hard to argue that we have a great person in charge of this team.


XLIII-One more note:  I am more than likely going to be joining Cotter from One for the Other Thumb, and Tecmo from Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies at Steelers Training Camp in Latrobe, PA the weekend of August 7th and 8th.  I went last year with them and had a blast, not only at training camp but also in soaking up some of the local culture of Latrobe, PA.  If you are interested in possibly going that weekend let me know so we can meet up.  The annual night game is actually that Friday, August 6th at the Latrobe High School.