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"Burgernazi" Wins Vintage Autographs of Lambert, Ham and Russell in From Black to Gold - The Pittsburgh Steelers Book Raffle Contest

His name is Chris Rickard, he appears on BTSC as "Burgernazi" and as of today, he is the proud owner of a vintage autographed photo of Jack Lambert, Jack Ham and Andy Russell - who might be the best linebacker trio in the history of football.  The photo and autographs are now 35 years old.  Chris won the prize in the raffle for those who purchased my book, From Black to Gold - The Pittsburgh Steelers and indicated BTSC in the order.  Thanks to Chris and all the other BTSC folks who bought the book (74 books thus far).  I sincerely hope you enjoy it.  For those who might be hearing about the book for the first time, you can purchase it by visiting the following web site:

Chris has been a BTSC member for two and a half years and is the owner/operator of Bomber Burger, a renowned eatery in Wichita, Kansas, that features juicy burgers, cold brew and big screen football.  I'd like to get there someday.  He is from Mulvane, Kansas, where his high school football team went 0-27 under three different head coaches.  He has since found better success rooting for the Steelers.


Chris's favorite player is The Bus, who has eaten a few burgers is his time and is now a fellow restauranteur.  His favorite Steeler moment is when The Bus flattened Brian Urlacher en route to a Super Bowl title, a memory that lives with all of us.

"I have been a Steelers' fan my whole life and I meet hundreds of our kin every year at the Bomb and around town. My best friend is a Sheriff's Detective who grew up in Pittsburgh.  Our love of the Steelers is what allowed our friendship to begin.  I have yet to go to Mecca (Heinz Field), but was very proud to represent my team and outnumber the Chief's fans last fall in their own house! The Nation is alive and very, very well represented in the Heartland," said Chris.

Congratulations Chris and again, thanks to everyone!