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Preason Match-up- Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Detroit Lions: Open Thread

Well Ladies and Gentleman believe it or not football is here.  Tonight the Pittsburgh Steelers will match-up against the Detroit Lions at Heinz Field in both teams first preseason match-up.  While preseason football certainly doesn't have the excitement and flair of regular season football it is still intriguing for us die-hards fans for a multitude of reasons.  Post your thoughts on the game here and Michael and the team will break down the game and it's implications throughout the week here at BTSC.

For now here are some things to watch in tonight's game:

What will the reception be for Ben Roethlisberger in his first game back at Heinz Field since the incident in Milledgville, GA?

Sixth Round Pick Jonathan Dweyer has had a dissapointing camp so far by most accounts.  Will he show the flashes of why he was so effective in college?

Pre-season Hall of Famer Isaac Redman will be back in action.  Will he show he is ready to make the next step?

The Steelers drafted 100,456,033 linebackers in the 2010 draft, which ones will step up?

Will Dennis Dixon perform well enough tonight to show he should be getting a chance to compete for the starting job in the first four to six weeks?

What else are you looking to see tonight Steeler Nation?