50 Sense; Post Game Detroit Thread

It was only the first preseason game and it was against the lowly Lions but…

* Missed the first 10 minutes as I couldn’t find a good computer feed. Will catch that Sunday 10 AM PST NFL Network. Only in preseason football…a 1 hour rain/thunder delay with 1 minute to go in the half.

* Leftwich looked like a consistent if not flashy NFL veteran that could win a couple games for the Steelers the first month. He led the Steelers to a couple field goals.

* Dixon who is sporting #10 looks like an exciting reincarnation of Slash. He should provide some excitement and change of pace from Leftwich if Arians & Tomlin so choose. His running and ability to get outside from a passing formation can be deadly ala (dare I say) Kordell Stewart.

* The next Willie Parker? Here comes Isaac Ike Redzone Redmon. Wearing Frenchy Fuqua’s #33 free agent and last year’s practice squad player, Redmon ran for a TD and ran with authority over the Lions. He will be the change of pace/short yardage alternative to Mendenhall in 2010.

* #1 pick Maurkice Pouncey looks like a Center. Antonio Brown & Emanuel Sanders look like solid picks at WR although I am sure Sanders will be reassigned a different number than the 88 he wears today. Brown shined all night. DB Crezdon Butler made plays on ST and was around the ball and making tackles in the second half. LBs Thaddeus Gibson and Sylvester Stevenson also made plays and came up big on a 4th quarter 4th and short. Sylvester could beat out Pat Bailey who looked quite pedestrian but is a veteran special team star.

* Rookie watch from last year; Joe Burnett looked good at DB and made a couple plays. Keenan Lewis made a couple plays but also got beat on a short TD. Ramon Foster looks as solid as anyone on OL.

* Tomlin was in good form. Detroit got the ball in decent field position and drove to the Steelers 20 with 7 minutes to go. Lining up for a FG to cut the lead to 6 Tomlin called timeout as the kick sailed good. On the second try Detroit missed the FG. "Nobody kicks field goals at Heinz Field!" (Except Jeff Reed) Even in August!

* The play following the missed FG, rookie WR Antonio Brown (#84) took a short slant from Dixon 70 yards to the house to go up 23-7. Yes sir. The rookie WRs look good. Later in the game Sanders got deep on Detroit but Batch couldn’t connect.

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