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Thank You BTSC!

My book, From Black to Gold - The Pittsburgh Steelers, has been out one week now and the response has been wonderful.  I was overwhelmed to see so many BTSC readers purchase the book thus far, and more keep rolling in.  As many of you know, everyone who identifies themselves with "BTSC" in either the PayPal "Add special instructions to merchant" field, or on the memo line of a check, is in a drawing to receive an autographed vintage photo of the greatest trio of linebackers ever to play the game - Jack Ham, Jack Lambert and Andy Russell.  The deadline was today, August 2, but we are extending this one week to allow those who may have come back from vacation to join in.  In any case, for any brand new BTSC folks, the following flier gives you details of the book:

From Black to Gold – The Pittsburgh Steelers...New Book Now Available!

"From Black to Gold belongs on every bookshelf in Steeler Nation," claimed Steelers’ legend Rocky Bleier, after reading the latest and hottest Steelers’ book to hit the market.  The book can be purchased by visiting the following website:



Details about the book after the jump...

An attractive 260-page hardcover publication, From Black to Gold is a historical perspective of the Pittsburgh Steelers as seen through the eyes of a die-hard season ticket holder.  It is filled with stories and vignettes of the dark days and golden years – from 1933 to the present.  There are 24 photos and illustrations in the book, with foreword written by Art Rooney Jr.

"From Black to Gold is a wonderful archive of both the lean years and glory years," noted Rooney Jr., current Steelers’ vice president.  The book features an exciting medley of the following chapters (and much more):

  • That first season in 1933 when the team could not play on Sundays due to Pennsylvania Blue Laws
  •  How the war years (1943 and 1944) forced the Steelers to combine teams with Philadelphia and Chicago
  • The whacky winter of 1941 when Art Rooney sold the team and then traded cities to get it back again
  • The heartbreak year of 1963 when Bobby Layne retired and Big Daddy Lipscomb died of a heroin overdose
  • Great stories of the burning Steelers-Browns rivalry
  • The Immaculate Reception and how Instant Replay was born on that play
  • How Rocky Bleier fought back
  • Glory years on the 1970s and how the dynasty was created
  • The Terrible Towel – How it began, what it means and those it helps
  • How Frank Sinatra joined Steeler Nation
  • The greatest wins and most painful losses in franchise history
  • The autographed helmet – a one-of-a-kind treasure

It would be much appreciated if you would forward this message to anyone who may be interested or may know of others who may be interested.  The more I can spread through the cyber-world the better, including group emails, Facebook, Twitter and anything else along those lines.

Thank you!

Tim Gleason...aka mary rose