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Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp - Monday Open Thread

Use this post for updates about the first Monday of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 Training Camp. News, notes, opinions, whatever. Drop it in here.

I'll start it off with an interesting tweet from Ken Laird of ESPN Radio Pittsburgh. Laird had this to say about Jeff Reed and his contract status:

Reed says Art Rooney II sought him out here at camp, they had man-to-man talk, both sides will move on with Jeff under franchise tag

You guys and gals will like this one too. Laird also notes that Isaac Redman got an award from Coach Tomlin for his work this weekend in the backs on backers drill.

RB Issac Redman given award by Mike Tomlin for being tops in RBs vs. LBs drill Sunday... "Red" says he got his highlights played in t[ea]m m[ee]t[in]g.

By the way, for those of you still looking to gather resources to follow during camp, you should be following Laird on Twitter.

Jump on in with other tidbits as you come across them.

-Michael B. -