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NFL Red Zone Is Back

Once again, Xfinity will be sponsoring us for another football season and once again they'll be offering the NFL Red Zone channel. The basic format of the channel is a whirlwind tour around the day's action in the NFL. The programming switches from game to game as teams get inside the 20 yard line(the red zone). And it happens live. There's no commercials. Blackout rules don't apply. You get every touchdown from every game. If you live out of market and can't see most Steelers games, for $6.95 (in Pittsburgh) you can get the sports package, which includes Red Zone, and at least catch every score from the Black & Gold each week.

I know lots of you are Sunday Ticket evangelicals, and I don't blame you. For others though that aren't able to get DirecTV for one reason or another, the RedZone channel can be quite satisfactory in terms of bringing you more viewing options beyond what is being shown in market. If I recall correctly, one of you just yesterday mentioned hating having to sit through late games out West. I do too. Furthermore, with as many commercials as there are during NFL telecasts, it's nice to have the option to jump over to a commercial-free channel throughout the day to avoid hearing John Cougar Mellencamp remind us three dozen times per Sunday that 'this is OUR country.'

This post is basically to kick off the sponsorship and get your thoughts about the channel. Did you get it last year? What were your impressions? Thank you for your patience and cooperation on this front. Xfinity helps pay the bills, so I and the SB Nation as a whole thank you for your support.