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Pittsburgh Steelers Preason: August 31st Roster Cuts Means Judgment Day For Many

As of 1:30 am early Tuesday morning, there were 79 players still listed on the roster of the Pittsburgh Steelers on the team's official site. By the end of Tuesday, that number must be trimmed by four down to 75. The Steelers and all other 31 NFL teams must then trim further before the 1st of September, all the way down to the magical number of 53. But today represents a big day for many hopefuls around the league, including a number of guys currently still with the Black & Gold. I won't speculate at this hour as to why may be included in this first series of cuts. It's easy to forget just how hard it is for most of these guys to find an opportunity and stick with a team. Look no further than James Harrison, the 2008 Defensive Player of the Year as case in point.

So, use this thread to make your educated opionions about who may no longer be with the Steelers by day's end, as well as to comment on and discuss other notable cuts from around the AFC North and NFL.

-Michael B.-