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BTSC Daily Six Pack - It's All About Camp Edition

IX- If you are in the Pittsburgh area and have nothing to do tonight,  you should head down to Latrobe Memorial Stadium and catch the night practice tonight at 7PM.  Tickets are only 5 buckaroos for adults and 2 for children.  That is probably the cheapest you will ever get to see the Steelers play.

X- LaMarr Woodley was on the ESPN Scott Van Pelt Show on Wednesday.  Obviously, Van Pelt brings up the hot button topic of the CBA and Woodley's contract.  With all the holdouts like Darrelle Revis and Chris Johnson, it is nice to see a guy talk about how it is more important to be on the field and making himself better than worrying about money.  Also, he talks about that "50/50" thing, and he states that he loves Pittsburgh and he wants to stay here.  Bonus: Hall of Famer Rod Woodson was on yesterday and talked about LeBeau and Woodley.


XIII- If you are craving more and more camp news I feel your pain.  I feel like a junky looking for a cheap fix anywhere I can get it.  One of the best camp news outlets I have found is the ESPN Radio 1250: Stillers 365 podcast.  That podcast features Ken Laird (Michael "Blitz" mentioned earlier this week.  The podcast is full of amazing interviews every day and is about an hour and fifteen minutes long daily.  In the past few days he has done an interview with Big Ben, BA, Tomlin, Matt Williams, etc. 



XIV- Another good interview to check is this 93.7 the fan interview with Steelers offensive line coach Sean Kugler.  Kugler talks quite a bit about one of my favorite camp topics, Flozell Adams at RT.  He has quite a few positive things to say about him.  Additionally, he talks about the battle of Maurkice Pouncey and Trai Essex at RG.  Pouncey's hamstring injury early in camp has set him back a little bit.

XL- Poor Charlie.  It looks like Charlie Batch is about as active at training camp as Willie Colon.  The Steelers have quite a difficult situation with training their QBs.  They need to prepare one guy for 4 weeks and then another guy for the last 12 weeks.  Then there falls the back up and then Charlie.  It's nice to see that he is not too downtrodden about the situation and is trying to keep his head high. 

XLIII- I think I might get my girlfriend a pair.  This is probably the best thing to happen to Steelers apparel.  I was going to slide a picture in with this, but I decided to leave it up to your imagination.