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That's What They Said: Here We Go Again

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Our two quarterbacks. Dixon: play well, Ben: rest up. We'll see you in a little over a month. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Our two quarterbacks. Dixon: play well, Ben: rest up. We'll see you in a little over a month. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
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Great game last night. And by great, I mean football game last night. Neither team looked to be running on all cylinders as of yet, but it is week one. When you take two of the best offensive teams in football last year, neither with huge changes offensively this season (sans Sydney Rice, who is a big loss) and neither looks great out of the gate week one, make that case for two less preseason games to me again, please.

But anyway, football is back, and it's wonderful. Now, if the Steelers can beat the Falcons Sunday, we'll really get this season going right. My local sports radio show yesterday had their prognosticator on, and he took the Braves to beat the Steelers. That's not a typo, that's a guy, on the radio to talk sports, flubbing not only a team name, but getting his sports confused too. Sigh... It's still early for everyone I guess.

Here we go again. For the good, and the bad. Football is back and football is good. Know what's bad?

"To go out and say we have to run the ball to win the game, put a number of runs on it, I don't believe that. You have to score points."

 As if I really even need to tell you who said this. You know 'em, you love 'em... Bruce Arians. He has the nerve to say he doesn't need to run the ball (at least a certain number of times) to win, and then say you need to score points. Wow. Something you didn't do when it mattered most Bruce. The difference between field goals and touchdowns is the difference between playoffs and no playoffs. For proof, we won five games in 2008 by four or fewer points. We lost five last season by four or fewer... Those seasons ended differently. Four more points, when in position to score four more than three, can be huge. Okay, enough math.

"We didn't have a reliable backup at that point last season. It was like, 'Dennis, don't run. Throw the ball away if you have to. You can't get hurt.' Now we have Charlie Batch backing him up. We don't have to be afraid to let Dennis play."

There's that man again, Bruce Arians. There are also some other choice quotes of interest in that piece, some great ones including:

"There's no better feeling than handing the ball off and kicking [butt. It's a bad feeling when you have to be tricky on third-and-1 ...


"I love to run the ball. That sets up what I love to do the most. Throw it deep"

There are no words to fully express what this made me feel.


Keeping an Eye on Our Opponent

The Steelers hold an 11-2-1 lead in the series going back to 1966, when the Steelers won the first ever meeting, 57-33 in Atlanta.

Over at the Falcoholic, EvilFalcon highlights a few games in the series history.

"He does it all actually. He can play the pass and play the run with the best of them. It’s going to be a good matchup and I’m looking forward to it."

Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez, talking about his primary defenderTroy Polamalu in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Gonzalez is going for his 1000th career catch this week, so that's a milestone to watch for (I doubt you'll be able to not hear about it during the game). Gonzalez needs just one catch to accomplish this feet, and he'd be the first TE ever to do it. Always liked Tony myself.

"We firmly believe that he still has fuel in his tank. We look forward to him getting back to his norm, and that is being in the double-digits as far as sacks are concerned."

Falcons' GM Thomas Dimitroff on pass rush specialist John Abraham's expectations this season. I guess it would be more accurate to say his expectations for Abraham, but I think Abraham would agree. His play versus Max Starks will be something to watch, along with the play of the other DE, Kroy Bierman, who matches up with Flozell Adams this week, one of three highlighted player match ups found here.

Short and sweet on a beautiful Friday morn'. Hope you all have a great weekend, and how could you not... There is Stiller Football to be seen. One more quote:

Drew Brees is dreamy.

Fearless leader last night watching the opening kickoff. So maybe he didn't actually say this... but maybe he did. At the very least, he said it with his eyes, BTSC, he said it with his eyes.