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Dennis Dixon's Knee Injury More Serious Than Anticipated According To Ed Bouchette

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Wow, amidst all the euphoria and excitement surrounding the play of the defense comes sobering news on the injury front. Ed Bouchette is reporting that Dennis Dixon has a torn lateral meniscus, which could keep him out 3-5 weeks.

It's not yet clear if Byron Leftwich will be ready to go by next Sunday when the Steelers travel to Tampa to play the 2-0 Buccaneers.

Byron Leftwich returned to the team Monday and said he would push his knee hard in practice to see how it responds. Leftwich's left MCL was sprained in the final preseason game Sept. 2. He threw some passes in practices last week.

Yikes. Charlie Batch is the only healthy quarterback on the roster as of today. Whether that's the case later this week remains to be seen. We do know that Leftwich is going to do everything in his power to get back on the field to play the team that gave up on him so quickly a season ago. Let the roller coaster ride continue!