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Off the Beaten Path

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From the Minutiae Department featuring useless, senseless information to help us get through Thursday...

1) Was it just me, or did Sunday's game look like a Xeroxcopy of the 2008 Eagles' game? Both games took place on the third Sunday in September...Both games were brutally ugly from an artistic standpoint, yet somehow beautifully poetic from a pure defensive standpoint...In both games the front seven of both teams ate up the offense like some Pacman game...You could actually hear the crunching tackles on television...Players were removed from the game like some Mash unit...In both games the winning team scored in the teens, both scores weird (15, 19)...Both losing starting quarterbacks were taken out of the game, with the outcome still in doubt, simply to keep all their bones attached to one another....It was a game when you just wanted the clock to run out to end the carnage (obviously more fun to be on the winning side)...

2) Looks like the Steelers might not wear white jerseys until Halloween, an obvious franchise record about as useless as anything...Their first three road games are at warm southern cities (Tennessee, Tampa, Miami) who like to wear white and make their opponents wear dark in the heat...Question for any of you who have played football in 90 degree weather under a hot sun: How much of a difference is wearing black jerseys to wearing white jerseys? On one hand, both teams are in the same heat. On the other hand, it must mean something or opponents wouldn't choose to wear white and make their opponents wear black for heat reasons...So, does anyone have first-hand experience on this?