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Steelers make final roster cuts

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The Steelers released the names of the final players to be cut with 2 hours left until the deadline.

From, here are the final names:

LB Patrick Bailey, CB Joe Burnett, S Da’Mon

Cromartie-Smith, WR Tyler Grisham, DE Sunny

Harris, C Justin Hartwig, WR Stefan Logan, DT

Steve McLendon, FB Frank Summers, OG Kraig

Urbik and DT Doug Worthington.

Not really any big surprises on this list, especially since

it was leaked out that Frank Summers was going to get

a visit from the Turk. The next most surprising names are

probably Joe Burnett and Sunny Harris - neither seemed

to make that second year leap in camp this year. Sound

off, BTSC - who do you think shouldn't have been on list,

and who would you have cut instead?