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NFL Opening Night Open Thread

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Yes, yes, yes! We're just hours away now from the kickoff of the 2010 NFL season. The Pittsburgh Steelers of course don't play until Sunday afternoon, but the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints host the Minnesota Vikings tonight at the Superdome in Louisiana. I had hoped to get a full set of 'predictions' and prognostications done before kickoff, but doesn't look like that's going to happen. So I'll leave that for this evening while I watch Drew Brees and the Saints take on Brett Favre and the Vikings, and just make this post an open thread for anybody that may be around the site this evening who is interested in yucking it up.

Very interesting matchup tonight, and not just just because of the marquee quarterbacks involved. Both the Saints and the Vikings are flying under the radar a bit at the outset of the new year. Outside of their respective fanbases, I haven't really found too many fokls who believe that either squad are legitimate SB contenders. We'll see. Both have the talent to make a deep run if things break nicely like they did last year.