'Twas the Night Before Steelers Football

I get so amped for the beginning of football season, when the days get shorter and the crispness starts returning to the air. Meaningful football games are a such a sight for sore eyes, after too much talk during the preseason, and not enough action. And as a Steelers fan, the anticipation for that first Steelers game kickoff is almost too much to bear - it certainly makes it hard for me to sleep! So, in the spirit of that anticipation and excitement, and as an homage of sorts to Dick LeBeau and hisannual reading of the famous Christmas poem, I present you with this humble offering of verse:

‘Twas the night before kickoff and all through the "Nation,"
not a Stiller fan was stirring, due to some healthy libation.

The terrible towels were placed by the TVs with care,
in hopes that HD images of victory soon would be there.

The Steeler fans were sleeping, all snug in their beds,
while visions of hypocycloids danced in their heads.

And I in my black 86 jersey - Hines Ward -
had just settled down after a prayer to the Lord.

When out in the family room, I heard such a noise,
I could have sworn it sounded like Big Ben and the boys.

I raced down the hall and into the den,
and couldn't believe what I discovered then.

There in the room (right on the couch!)
sat Tomlin and LeBeau - my wife will vouch.

And my jaw dropped in wonder as I stood with a stare
at the coaches before me - wow, what a pair!

Then my wonder grew deeper while I leaned on the wall,
as I watched Coach LeBeau stand up and call,

"Now Deebo, Now Potsie, now Timmons and Wood;
come out all you linebackers, you all are so good.

Now Ike, now Ryan, now B.Mac, keep on growing,
and now Troy, the magnificent ,with hair long and flowing.

Now Diesel, now Smithy, come on now Big Snack,
it's time to let loose the steel curtain attack!"

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but the entire Steelers defense, inspiring fear.

Then Tomlin stood up; he seemed strong - you should know it -
and he began to orate like a warrior poet.

He spoke with golden tongue, and appeared quite loose
(I noticed there was no coach there named Bruce).

And he called forth the offense by name, one by one,
until each was there - can you imagine my fun?

He called for Starks , Kemo, Essex, and the Rookie,
he called for the Hotel, who was eating a cookie.

He named Randle El, Heath Miller and Hines,
and the future hall-of-famer was smiling so wide.

He called for Big Ben, then Lefty, Batch and Dixon,
Coach couldn't wait for the end of the suspension.

He called for Rashard, who came in with a spin,
then the room got real quiet as they all leaned in.

And then Coach gathered them around and he said, "Men,
let's hear a big cheer for the one we call Redman!"

The team was all there - what a sight to behold -
it made me proud to be a fan of the great black and gold.

It felt so amazing, so good, just like heaven,
when I heard the team say they'd get trophy number seven.

And then in an instant they were gone with a howl,
so I stood there just waving my terrible towel.

It might have been a dream, for all I can say,
but I know that tomorrow they'll be ready to play.

While this night felt like a great Steelers party,
tomorrow they start fighting for that seventh Lombardi.

So sleep tight, Steeler Nation, ‘til the sun shines down bright;
happy game day to all, and to all a good night!

Go Steelers!

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