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Steelers Vs. Ravens: With Win in Divisional Round Over Baltimore, Pittsburgh Would Make Record 15th Conference Championship Game Apperance

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Every fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers knows that the organization's six Super Bowl wins are the gold standard in NFL history. I imagine though that fewer know the exact number of Conference Championship Games the Steelers have appeared in. Well, let's take a look.

The teams with the most appearances in a Conference Championship Game since 1970:



Pittsburgh Steelers


Dallas Cowboys


San Francisco 49ers


L.A./Oakland Raiders


L.A./St. Louis Rams



A few more quick statistics for you:

  • With 31 postseason wins, the Steelers trail the stagnant Dallas Cowboys (33) for most postseason wins in NFL history.
  • By my count, the Steelers are 12-7 all-time in the Divisional Round game. How about by decade? The Steelers were 4-1 during the 2000s (and really, 5-0 considering Joe Nedney is the worst sportsman ever and deserves to be banished to some pansy-ass soccer league for his flop routine in the 2002 playoffs). The Steelers went 3-2 in Div. Round games during the '90s, 1-2 in the '80s, and finally, during the dynasty years of the '70s, the Steelers made an incredible eight appearances in such games, going 6-2. Actually, there's one more, a 1947 loss to the Eagles.
  • Guess who owns the two winning percentages in NFL playoff history? Yup, the Ravens at 9-5 (.643) and the Steelers at 31-19, (.620). As I wrote earlier for the Washington Post's NFL League Panel discussion about which games is most 'intriguing' this weekend, Baltimore's 9-5 record is definitely impressive, but with only a fraction of the sample size of the Steelers' rich postseason past, they've still got a long ways to go before being considered one of the great playoff teams in NFL playoff lore.