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Steelers Vs. Ravens: AFC Divisional Round Gameday Thread (2nd Half)

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Wow. After a perfect start to the game, the Pittsburgh Steelers proceeded to fall apart in a hurry. Mental miscues, turnovers, an one poorly timed blitz on 3rd and goal and the Steelers find themselves trailing 21-7 at half.

Pittsburgh may just have dug themselves too big a hole to overcome, but three reasons to not panic just yet.

  1. We get the ball to start the second half. Points there and it's a game.
  2. The Ravens haven't done too much offensively outside of accumulate penalty yards. Baltimore has just 98 yards offensively.
  3. Hopefully Pittsburgh goes to the no-huddle early and often in the second half to help Ben and the offensive line better diagnose what look the Ravens are showing.

C'mon Steelers! Fight!