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Steelers Advance to AFC Championship Game with Thrilling 31-24 Win Over Ravens - Postgame Celebration Thread

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I need to go out and party, so I apologize now for not providing a proper recap. But I will throw this thread up for Steeler Nation to celebrate in. What we just watched was easily one of the best games in NFL playoff history. Period. The Steelers fall down 21-7 at half as a result of two interceptions. Throw in 60+ penalty yards and the Steelers had dug themselves quite a hole at intermission. Then in the second half, the Steelers proceed to protect the football, ratchet up the pressure on Joe Flacco, continue capitalizing in the red zone, and ultimately outscore the Ravens 24-3 in the final 30 minutes.

Epic chapter to the best rivalry in football, my friends.

Much, much more from me tonight and tomorrow.

For now, we party.

Go Steelers!