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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Who Will Steelers Face in AFCCG? Jets Vs. Patriots Open Thread

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Hey Steeler Nation! Still ecstatic by the performance of the Pittsburgh Steelers in last night's win over the Baltimore Ravens? I definitely am. What a game.

I imagine plenty of you plan on tuning into the Patriots and Jets matchup to see who the black and gold will face next Sunday. With a Pats win, the Steelers travel to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro to play top-seeded New England. If the Jets win, New York would travel to Heinz Field for the AFC Championship Game. Regardless of whether or not you'd prefer if Pittsburgh took down mighty, hated New England en route to Lombardi No. 7, next week's matchup will be a chance at redemption for the Steelers, as both the Jets and Pats handed Pittsburgh L's during the regular season.

Join me and others throughout the game to talk about the second AFC Divisional Round matchup of the weekend.