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NFL Playoff Picture

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We'll get to the Pittsburgh Steelers resounding beatdown of the Cleveland Browns a bit later, but let's take a look at the playoff picture in both the AFC and the NFC heading into Sunday Night Football between the Seahawks and Rams.

AFC Seeds

#1 - New England Patriots (first round bye)

#2 - Pittsburgh Steelers (first round bye)

#3 - Indianapolis Colts

#4 - Kansas City Chiefs

#5 - Baltimore Ravens

#6 - New York Jets


AFC Wild Card Weekend Matchups

#5 Baltimore Ravens at #4 Kansas City Chiefs

#6 New York Jets at #3 Indianapolis Colts



* Lucky Baltimore. The Kansas City Chiefs lay an egg in their season finale to the Raiders, which makes Indianapolis the No. 3 seed somehow. The Ravens travel to KC next weekend to play a Chiefs offense that will likely struggle against the Ravens' defense.

* Assuming the Colts beat the Jets at home, Peyton Manning & Co. would head to Heinz Field the following weekend to face the Steelers. A small part of me is scared about that scenario, but a bigger part of me says bring this particular Colts team to Heinz Field in January any day of the week. We'll see. Getting by the Jets won't be easy.


NFC Seeds

#1 - Atlanta Falcons (first round bye)

#2) Chicago Bears (first round bye)

#3) Philadelphia Eagles

#4) St. Louis/Seattle

#5) New Orleans Saints

#6) Green Bay Packers

NFC Wild Card Weekend Matchups

#6 Green Bay Packers at #3 Philadelphia Eagles

#5) New Orleans Saints at #4 St. Louis/Seattle



* St. Louis and Seattle just got thing started in Seattle. If you're the Saints, who would you rather face on the road next week? Obviously the dome conditions in St. Louis are attractive to a team like the Saints, and the Seahawks could catch the Saints on a bad day in cold, rainy conditions. But I think St. Louis is a much more stable and competent football team than Seattle. Either way, the Saints likely will be headed back to the Divisional Round.

* It actually doesn't interest me that much, but there will be plenty of hype leading up to the Packers and Eagles game. Very good Wild Card Weekend pairing of two teams capable of going the distance. I'm inclined to think that the Packers pull off the road win to advance on to Atlanta.