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Terrible Towel Talk: Clark, Defense Thunderstruck Ravens

The fourth episode of Terrible Towel Talk, a podcast for Steelers fans, highlights Steelers FS Ryan Clark's phenominal game, some seriously dominant second half defense and all the emotion coming with a playoff win over the Ravens.

My brother, Adam Coolong (aka "SteelerBro") and I started doing this recently. He produces it and moderates it, I try to avoid verbal pauses and answer a trivia question sponsored by the Steeler Fans of Minnesota.

In the future, I'll provide the option to listen right here on BTSC, but for the time being, to listen to the podcast, click on the link to download, and then enjoy at your leisure on Quicktime, Windows Media Player, VLC, or whatever other program you prefer to listen to mp3's on.

Terrible Towel Talk, Episode 4