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BTSC's AFC Championship Game Preview Podcasts

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Howdy Steeler Nation. Happy Friday! Even though I'm not 100 percent thrilled with every last aspect of my recent radio and podcast appearances this past week, I suppose there's at least one or two good things in each to merit sharing with you all. Like everything in life, the more prepared you are, the better. I could always do better in this regard, but I must say, I'm far more happy and willing to share these appearances than I was even just a year ago. Practice makes perfect. And if the Steelers win this weekend, you can be sure I'll have twice as many chances the next two weeks, particularly because I'm planning on heading to Dallas to cover the week and big game if we win on Sunday. Fingers crossed.

- M. Bean The Sports Blitz on WOCM-FM in Maryland (clitck on Episode 7 of The Sports Blitz; my spot begins at the 13:54 mark)

- M. Bean with Lance Williams on Steel Curtain Radio, Episode #117 (Part 1)

- M. Bean with Off The Chain on KCSF 1300 The Sports Animal (no audio file just yet)

On Deck for Friday:

- M. Bean with Steve Borstein on Fox Sports 1340 in New Mexico (scheduled for 11:30 am EST)

- M. Bean with The Sporting Citadel (Podcast; 2:45 pm EST)

On Deck for Saturday:

- M. Bean with The Rocket Sports & Entertainment Show on ESPN 1040 in Tampa (10:15 am EST; Listen Live link here)

On Deck for Sunday:

M. Bean with John Cimasko (Jersey Johnny) on 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis (1:10 pm EST; Listen Live link here; mp3 file will be available that afternoon)