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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: SFOM Has New Cheer For J-E-T-S Fans

(Post written by Neal Coolong)

It's official, we successfully recorded Terrible Towel Talk on site at the home of the Steelers Fans of Minnesota - McGovern's.

Adam and I interviewed Club Organizer Glenn Leonberger and "Mayor" Paul Palmer, and amongst other things, we learned two new chants involving J-E-T-S.

Give it a listen, let us know if you can use the variations of our opponent's annoying cheer Glenn and Paul suggested.

Adam and I will be recording another episode here shortly, which will cover more game analysis. Now, I have to run out of the Dunn Bros. I'm currently at (I'm feeling all hipster-like, in a coffee shop typing on a Mac), and get back to the show.

Listen here!

Terrible Towel Talk v5