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Steelers Hold Off Furious Second Half Rally By Jets, Advance to Eighth Super Bowl with 24-19 Win

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We're going back to the Super Bowl Steeler Nation! For the second time in three years, and the third time in half a decade, the Pittsburgh Steelers will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. When the Steelers took a 24-3 lead into intermission, I felt confident booking my flight to Dallas and declaring it a game. That said, I thought all week that this game would be close and that the New York Jets would play a really good game. And they did. Even in the first 30 minutes, the Jets didn't necessarily play awful football. It's just that Pittsburgh pieced together it's absolute best half of the 2010 season. And wow, what a time to do it.

More from me tonight and throughout this next two weeks, but for now we celebrate!!!

Go Steelers!