Ask a Packer fan

Hello all here at BSC, I'm PackApologist and I wandered over here from Acme Packing Company to talk a bit of football and get excited for the game next weekend. Thanks to all of you for giving me a warm welcome on some of the other posts I've been participating in...I hope I'm not annoying you fine football fans too much.

I just thought I would set up a post so you guys could ask questions about the Pack, maybe answer some of my questions about the Steelers. Hell, if you want you can even give me a bit of trash talk too. So bring on your questions about my beloved Packers. I'll try to answer them as soon as I can, or maybe some of the other guys from APC can help me out as well.

The version over at Acme Packing Company

To start off those I'll throw a couple questions at you....

What do you see as the biggest match up this coming weekend?

Where do you think the Steelers have the best advantage over the Pack?

What worries you the most about the Packers?

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