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Super Bowl XLV: Steelers Look to Continue Remarkable (and Improbable) Run of Postseason Success

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Steelers Six Super Bowls
Steelers Six Super Bowls

Steeler Nation is well aware of how improbably the Pittsburgh Steelers run to Lombardi No. 5 was during the 2005 playoffs. As the No. 6 seed, the Steelers -- much like this year's Green Bay Packers -- had to play all three postseason games away from the comfy confines of Heinz Field. However, it's not just the Steelers drive to Super Bowl five that was a statistical improbability. An interesting post recently published on ESPN's stats and info blog shows just how improbable the Steelers postseason success has been throughout franchise history.

I'll let you read the rest, but here's a chart from the article showing the estimated probability since the merger of any one team advancing on to particular playoff rounds.

Estimated Probability (since 1970) Playoff Advancement In A Given Season

Pct chance
Divisional Playoffs 27.6
Conference Championship 13.8
Super Bowl Appearance 6.9
Win Super Bowl 3.4
> Based on avg of 29 teams in league

Read the rest of the article here.

Go Steelers! Continue defying the odds!