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He's Baaack! Ken Laird Returns to the Air with Steelers Great Deshea Townsend

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Tribliveradioschedule_mediumI distinctly remember many of you being disappointed when Ken Laird's Stillers 365 Podcast went off the air awhile back. I lamented too. The other daily programming on the 1250 ESPN station that got the rug pulled out from underneath it was a daily source of great source information about the Steelers. For us Steelers fans though, Laird's Steelers podcast took the case. Laird is clearly one of the hardest working dudes in the business, so it was disappointing to see the unexpected development.
Anyway, he's back, and this time, he's got a fantastic running mate -- two-time Super Bowl champion Deshea Townsend!

Here's why I'm stoked about the addition of Townsend: I remember listening to Dick LeBeau do an interview several years ago and the one thing that stuck was his commentary about Townsend. In case you weren't aware, I helped found and develop a site devoted exclusively to sports radio interviews. It was recently acquired by SB Nation actually, which I'm quite proud of. But I bring that up only to emphasize that I've listened to boatloads of interviews this past several years and forgotten almost all of them.

But I won't ever forget what LeBeau had to say about Townsend. In a nutshell, Coach Dad raved about Townsend's intelligence and amazing understanding of the game. Perhaps that's why Townsend was able to turn in such an incredible '08 season at the age of 33. Steeler Nation won't soon forget his pick-six of Tony Romo late in the '08 regular season, but his contributions that year in the slot were a big reason why the Steelers finished with ridiculous numbers defending the pass.

So, combine Laird with a Steeler great that's revered by Coach LeBeau for his understanding of the game...yes please. Should be good stuff.  Also, Townsend is very familiar with the personalities on this Steelers team. To me, that means he should be able to give us listeners all sorts of good insights and anecdotes about our favorite players...guys he played with not too long ago.

Anyway, looks like they're locked and loaded and on the air, so check them out either during the day, or during the play-back of all the programming after hours.

And by the way, in case you were wondering, no I'm not getting anything from this. (Other than the fact that I demanded to get to meet Townsend and Laird next week in Dallas to talk shop for a brief minute). I just like Laird's work, his producer, and the fact that DeShea is joining the fold. There's a void in Pittsburgh sports talk recently, and I think this will help fill some of it quite nicely.

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