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Five Burning Questions: Knockin' on Seven's Door Edition


  • 1) Can someone please explain to me why I've heard 1000 times that one of the Steelers' advantages is that "they've been there before, they know what it takes." To me, unless I am missing something, that's one of those empty clichés that look good on paper, but have no real-life meaning. I also know what it takes and so do the Packers. It takes more points than the other guy. It takes 45 men for 60 minutes blocking, tackling, throwing, catching and running. Just last year the Colts were the been-there-done-that Super Bowl Champion and the Saints had never been close. What happened? When the Patriots beat the Rams in 2001 same thing. Buffalo-Dallas in 1992. In the ‘80s every team who came out on top in the NFC lost the next year to an upstart (49ers, Bears, Giants, Skins). In the ‘70s the Vikings had all that Super Bowl experience and lost to the Steelers and then the Raiders. I don't get it. Perhaps some things can be learned from experience leading up to the game. I'll give you that. Tickets, family travel, tips in handling the media, etc. Those things might be better handled the second time around, but once that ball is kicked off, and that's all we care about, what value is there from previously playing in a Super Bowl?
  • 2) The Steelers have a vaunted run defense that seems to work better against teams whose strength is running the ball. Against All-Pro-type quarterbacks, who really don't care to run the ball anyhow, the Steelers' run defense is virtually wasted. Instead of the Steelers' strength taking away the opponent's strength, the opponent's strength takes advantage of the Steelers' weakness. How does LeBeau combat the Packers? It seems to me that the Steelers need five defensive backs on the field on practically every play. That means sacrificing one of the three linemen or one of the four linebackers, perhaps on a mixed random basis. If you were LeBeau, basically, how would you defend Green Bay?
  • 3) Really, how much difference is there between Pouncey and Legursky and explain that difference?
  • 4) Should the Steelers win the Super Bowl, who on the team, if anyone, becomes automatic Hall of Fame locks?
  • 5) Other than Aaron Rodgers, what one Packer do you hope has a bad game?